You need auto-renewed when the period of your plan is ended, the money is automatically deducted from your account  and automatically you continue to work on our service. It is convenient.

Open the tab "Plans".
You have 2 ways for it.

1) Here you click on your email and then click "Plans"

2) Click on the Dashboard the button "Profile Setting", then click "Plans".

If you want to have your plan auto-renewed for the next month, you should pay attention to enable the green button . You will see status auto-renewed enabled. 

If you don't want this function to be enabled, you will click on the red buttons "Disable". These actions lead to disconnection of auto-renew. And when the period of your plan is finished, the cash won't be deducted from your account.

Users agreement provides details of it.  When you click on "Acquiring Policy", you will see all the rules of auto-renew.

Or you can click here and find all Documents of your system. 

Also, if you are unsubscribed from auto-renew, you may click on Enable again. And you are subscribed to an auto-renew.

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