We’ll help you reveal your potential. Be aware when keyword or keyphrase for your app appears in the Trending Search section. If your app is shown in the top 5 results to this search query, we’ll send you an immediate notification to your email or Slack. We’ll also provide a forecast on the amount of downloads it can bring you. Thus, your analytics will be more transparent and you’ll always know where the growth of your organic downloads comes from.

Besides, you can take advantage of the situation and use the trending hype: if you are not in the 1–2 place in the results to the trending query you can instantly boost your app to top and make the most out of it.

Trending Search is checked automatically every 3 hours and alerts are sent at once. This includes all the countries your app is available in.

To switch on notifications go to your profile settings and set checkmarks on the required type of notifications (for Slack notifications you have first to integrate your slack account with ASOdesk):

Go to Settings -> Notifications

Get Trending Searches Alerts by email or Slack.

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